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25 Questions to test your English Vocabulary

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1. My sister’s son is my…………

2. Animals like dogs and cats which people keep at home are called ……

3. Which word also means ‘a present’?

4. What is another word for ‘work’?

5. If you have had a good day and feel good, you are …..

6. Where do you go if you are very sick or have hurt yourself?

7. When you go from one side of the street to the other, you walk ……. the street.

8. When someone is very nice to look at they are ….

9. What does ‘opposite’ mean?

10. When someone says something funny, you …...

11. Which word means the same as ‘stress’?

12. I never went to secondary school, so I want my son to get a good ……..

13. People in some countries often die from ……. that don’t exist in other countries.

14. What does ‘forget’ mean?

15. In Sweden, they have a …….. where they celebrate the longest day of the year by picking flowers and sleeping with them under their pillow.

16. Which word is a synonym for ‘environment’?

17. I want to speak to you about the ……… the other day, has anything like that happened in the past?

18. Which of these words means ‘very large’?

19. Which of these words is similar to ‘negotiate’?

20. I could never have …….. what happened next!

21. An area of land which is spongy and not suitable for farming is called a ………..

22. What is another word for ‘God’ or ‘Creator’?

23. I have a few …….about this plan. It doesn’t seem like you have thought it through very thoroughly.

24. Which of the following words means ‘an independent or non-conformist person’?

25. He’s such a ……….. He does a lot of sport and excels at football, but he isn’t very clever.



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