Ten Ways to Say Someone is Beautiful or Sexy in English

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English Vocabulary:11 words
English Level: Intermediate – Advanced

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*(These words are common in most English speaking countries unless marked)


There are dozens of ways to say someone is beautiful in English, and they all have subtly different meanings. If you read a lot or watch English-language television then you will surely have come across at least some of these.


This can also be used in a non-romantic way for children and animals, and is usually seen as more innocent and family-friendly than some of the others on this list.

The way she bites her lip when she’s thinking is so cute.

Dishy (UK)

This is more often used to describe a man than a woman. It means that he is very handsome or attractive and usually fairly charming too.

The nurses all want to date the dishy doctor from Cardiology.

Easy on the eyes

This phrase means pleasant to look at, and it can refer to an object as well as a person. It’s a fairly relaxed way to talk about someone.

I’ll watch movie that has Angelina Jolie in it – she’s very easy on the eyes.


This is an old one – think of the song ‘He’s So Fine’ from 1963 – but it’s still used as slang today. It means the person looks nice and that you are attracted to them. It also implies that they’ve made an effort with their appearance.

That guy is so fine, I’m going to ask him out.

*a fine thing = used in Ireland to describe someone you are attracted to.

*She is a fine thing.

Fit (not used in the US)

The main meaning of ‘fit’ is that the person is healthy and exercises a lot, but it has also come to mean attractive, and especially someone with a nice body.

Wow, that guy standing at the bar is so fit!


Think of the Jimi Hendrix song “Foxy Lady. A slightly old-fashioned one, but still sometimes used today. It is normally used to describe a woman and means that she is very physically attractive.

I’m looking for a foxy lady to take out to dinner.


A very commonly used description of either an attractive man or woman, gorgeous can also be used for a lovely view, a nice dress, or really anything that you think is pretty.

I saw a gorgeous guy on the bus but he didn’t notice me.


This one is closest to ‘sexy’ in that it implies a definite sexual interest in the person you’re describing.

She looks so hot in that dress.


This is quite old-fashioned and has more of a romantic than a sexual feel to it. Ravishing is just about the most beautiful you can possibly look.

She came down the stairs looking ravishing in her new black dress


Stunning literally means that you feel stunned or speechless when you look at someone. It can be used to describe a man or a woman, and means impressively or shockingly attractive.

Look at that woman at the bar. She is stunning! She’s incredibly beautiful.

A babe

The word ‘babe’ comes from ‘baby’ and is also used as a term of affection between couples. A boyfriend can call his girlfriend ‘babe’. Saying someone is a ‘babe’ means you think they are beautiful.

Rihanna is a babe.

As with any new vocabulary, the best way to learn is to use the words as much as possible. So get out there and people-watch with your friends, so you can discuss who is cute and who is stunning!

Language Focus

English Vocabulary and Expressions

1. Dozens – (pl noun) group of 12

  • I bought a dozen eggs in the supermarket.

2. subtly different meanings – (adverb)  different meanings that are faint and hard to notice.
*Subtle – (adjective) delicate, slight, almost unnoticeable

  • Some words in English have a subtle difference in pronunciation.
  • There was a subtle taste of whiskey in the cake.

  • He looked at the woman subtly.

3. come across at least some of these – encountered or seen (by chance) before
*To come across sth (Phrasal Verb) – to encounter, see something (by chance) before

  • “I have never come across that problem before” said the computer technician

4. Family-friendly – (adjective) suitable for families / suitable to be used in front of families with young children.

  • The hotel is family-friendly. It has a creche for kids.

5. usually fairly charming too
*Fairly – (adverb) quite, more than average but less than “very”
*Charming (adjective) – delightful, attractive – If somebody is charming they are able to make people like them or become attracted to them (usually attracted in a sexual way)

  • He is fairly tall.
  • Charming men always get what they want.

6. It also implies that – (verb: To imply) to hint or communicate an idea or feeling

  • I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to come running with me and she thought I was implying that she needed to lose weight.

7. slightly old-fashioned a little bit traditional or out of use/style
*Slightly –  (adverb) a little bit, by a small amount
*Old-fashioned – old style, not modern (sth) / traditional or conservative in the way of thinking or acting (sb)

  • The pizza we got in the restaurant was slightly burned but it still tasted good.
  • The expressions he uses are so old-fashioned. Nobody speaks like that anymore.

8. Literally –  in a literal manner – it means exactly as the word indicates

  • When you translate something literally from one language to another if often doesn’t make sense

9. Stunned – (adjective) – in a state of shock and unable to react

10. Speechless – (adjective) unable to speech due to shock or surprise

11. People-watch – spend time observing or looking at other people in a public place

  • I like to sit in a cafe and people-watch when I am on holidays in a different country.

Practice Exercises in English

Complete the sentences: EXERCISES
Complete these sentences with a highlighted word or phrase from the article.

  1. The hotel was …………. expensive. (quite)
  2. The movie is not …………. . There is too much violence. (suitable for families)
  3. My parents are very …………. . They don’t agree with two people living together before they are married. (traditional in the way they think)
  4. Scientists have ……  ……. a new species of bird in the forest. (found by chance, encountered)
  5. There were ………….  of people waiting to get into the cafe this morning. (group of 12)
  6. Her boss in her new job is quite …………. . (delightful, attractive)
  7. Although he didn’t say it directly, the CEO’s speech ………….  that he might soon leave the company. (communicated an idea or feeling, hinted)
  8. I like to sit in a cafe and …………. .. when I am on holidays in a different country. (actively observe people)

Download Article and Exercises SheetsHERE